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A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) centrally manages a manufacturing plant’s operational conditions and monitors the real-time progress of the plant’s manufacturing operations. It manages the plant’s manufacturing process, the plant’s production plans and all the associated data required to increase production plan accuracy and efficiency.

The NLINK® MES to SAP® Solution is a pre-built, out-of-the-box SAP integration solution that can connect any ISA95 / B2MML compliant Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to any version of SAP R/3, SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA. The NLINK MES to SAP Solution comes with a wide variety of pre-built SAP transactions and is delivered as a fully supported product that installs in minutes and requires absolutely no custom coding. Deployed worldwide for almost 20 years, NLINK’s SAP Certified Interfaces work with all major version of SAP, require no additional SAP components to be purchased and nothing to be installed into the SAP landscape.



This video presents a quick look at mapping a B2MML document to SAP data. In this case, we were asked to gather some information from the SAP Material Master and pass it out to an XML file using the B2MML Material Information schema.


This video presents a quick look at mapping a B2MML document to SAP data. In this case, we were asked to gather some information from the SAP Production Planning & Control system and pass it out to an XML file using the B2MML Production Schedule schema.


This video runs in under 12 minutes and provides a high-level overview and a functional demo of the NLINK MES to SAP Solution. First we will cover some typical uses of MES to SAP integration. Then we will show a functional demo. There will be two parts to the demo. In the first part, we will look at a production management example of an NLINK integration between an MES and the SAP Production Planning module, and we will use the NLINK Management Module, or NMM, to monitor the performance and health of interfaces built on the NLINK platform. In the second part, we will look at the underlying B2MML standard and discuss some ways to extend the default functionality. Click here to watch.


Integrating third-party manufacturing plant floor applications with the SAP R/3 and SAP ECC Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can be an extremely complex undertaking. MES vendors face a considerable challenge trying to satisfy their manufacturing customers’ demands for vendor-supported turn-key integrations solutions between their MES applications and SAP. Utilizing industry standards such as B2MML certainly help, although many people still underestimate the enormity of the task. Successful solutions must have enough flexibility to meet the almost infinite variation in requirements and deployment scenarios that are encountered in the SAP world. Click here to download.

Customer Quotes

  • NLINK’s rich set of built-in methods to connect plant floor data to SAP allowed us to rapidly create a number of real-time, bi-directional SAP interfaces that fully integrated our plant floor systems to SAP. NLINK’s ability to query data from SAP without bypassing SAP’s business logic and without having to customize our SAP system greatly simplified the project scope and allowed us to successfully meet our project timeline.
    SAP Project Lead, Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company
  • Like any other sophisticated manufacturer, our manufacturing process requires timeliness and accuracy of the data exchanged between the MES and SAP even during those rare instances when the SAP system is temporarily unavailable. NLINK’s robustness and built-in store-and-forward capability has proven to be invaluable in maintaining the reliability and integrity of the data connection between our MES and SAP.
    MES Lead, Fortune 100 Lithium Ion Automotive Battery Manufacturer
  • We needed to replace an in-house developed set of stand-alone VB apps that were becoming increasingly harder and more expensive to maintain and extend. We needed a mission-critical solution that could consolidate the disparate legacy apps into a single system that did not require custom coding and that had built-in enterprise features like store-and-forward and alarming. We needed a solution that we could use ourselves to build reliable SAP interfaces and we found it with NLINK.
    Director of Manufacturing Systems, Largest Independent Tubular Steel Manufacturer in North America
  • We needed a simple-to-use, reliable and feature rich SAP integration solution in order for us to build a set of real-time interfaces between our MES and SAP. We found it with NLINK, and since we first started using it in 2006, it has quickly become the cornerstone of our SAP integration strategy.
    Sr. Manager, Systems Applications & Development , $12Bn Plastics Manufacturer